Krista is an Eurasian-American who spent six years achieving success in Asia as a TV personality hosting and acting, as a recording artist and performer, and as Miss Philippines.   Discovered and mentored by world-renowned international balladeer Julio Iglesias and Taboo of the Black Eyes Peas, she has returned to Los Angeles to continue developing her career. An ambassador for the National Diversity Coalition, she is producing and hosting an inspiring immigrant segment for Spectrum News1’s Owning a Piece of America show, a nonprofit collaboration between the two groups. Having hosted for other various companies including Live Nation, Insomniac, Denon DJ, Jammcard and, she is in development of a number of TV shows.  She is well versed in the multi-media space with experience both in front of and behind the camera.  A seasoned singer, songwriter, actress, host, and budding producer, Krista has been mastering her craft and is now rising in the US market place. Krista aims to not only inspire women and underrepresented groups through her hosting and producing, but to additionally help uplift these communities. In addition to pursuing her professional passions in arts and entertainment, she is also committed to giving back through nonprofit work and promoting social responsibility.

Born and raised in California, Krista started studying various dance forms at 4, became a professional runway model at 13, a black belt in TaeKwonDo at 14 and a published author at 15. She obtained five publications in educational and business journals, including “Understanding & Preventing Harassment and Discrimination at Work”, and had her own chapter published at the age of 16 in an internationally sold academic book titled The Art of Followership: How Great Followers Create Great Leaders and Organizations.

That same year, she was also offered a TV Network contract with a top network in the Philippines.  After graduating high school with a 4.37 GPA and honors, she became invited to be part of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars her first year at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) before deciding to take the TV Network opportunity still being offered in the Philippines. She spent four years achieving success there as a TV personality co-hosting a primetime game show and an award winning lifestyle show, acting on various primetime TV series, and performing on a number of hit primetime television shows.  In 2010, she went on to win the title of Miss Philippines, Best in Talent, and Best in Swimsuit, which took her career and brand to another level.  

Krista was asked by international balladeer Julio Iglesias to be his special guest in his 2010 world tour soon after winning the crown. On tour, she had a solo dance performance and sang a duet with him. Upon her return to the Philippines, she went on to executive produce a pop/dance/R&B album. This led to her signing deals with Universal Records and Warner Music Group across four different countries, expanding her brand to that of an international artist. During this time, her hosting career continued to take off as she hosted the Philippines Music Awards, Philippine Airlines’ 70th Anniversary Concert Celebration, introduced the President of the Philippines, hosted People Asia Magazine’s People of the Year and awarded Many Pacquiao, and hosting for the likes of Screen Singapore, Mercedes, The Milano Towers by Versace, Michael Kors, Seven for All Mankind, and many more. After Krista connected with Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, he asked to be her mentor.  Their work together sparked Krista's transition back home to California.  

Since returning to LA, Krista has immersed herself in artist development while expanding her experience working with movie and TV production companies, a business technology firm, a children’s focused nonprofit that works to bridge the gap between affluent and inner-city children through baseball (co-founded by John Branca, esteemed lawyer and Co-Executor of the Michael Jackson Estate), and a fashion company. She completed a two-year Meisner acting program, has produced two commercials and various music videos, is developing original shows and has been collaborating with a number of producers on music. A music collaboration project with French producers Mr Luke and Nicolas Saad (Album 3.0) became number one on the dance charts in France. In addition to her work supporting the immigrant and first-generation community through her work with the National Diversity Coalition and Spectrum News1, Krista is in development of shows focused around culture, travel, festivals, music, art, brands and helping tell people’s stories. With a strong passion for connecting people, she is also involved in supporting a remarkable renewable energy company and bringing them to places struggling with environmental issues.

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